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A one of a kind experience that can be tailored to you and your event. From £4995
  • CONNECT Connect is a mesmerizing 11-minute journey that transcends borders, taking audiences to diverse corners of the globe through captivating shadow transformations. From the majestic skylines of the Middle East to the historic landmarks of Europe and beyond, each iconic location comes to life in a breathtaking display. The narrative unfolds as our main character travels, encountering new faces in every destination. The grand finale symbolises unity, with people from different countries collaboratively crafting acrobatic tableaus, forming the powerful word "UNITE" around a digital world globe. This visually stunning show is not just a performance but an immersive celebration of global connectivity and collaboration.
  • EVOLVE Evolve is an exhilarating 11-minute shadow show that unfolds the journey of our capabilities. The narrative begins with the main character immersing herself in a magical book, taking her through time to witness pivotal achievements, inventions, and discoveries. The performers' bodies transform into stunning images, portraying historical moments like Newton discovering gravity, the evolution of transportation, and venturing into space. Moving forward to the digital age, the tempo accelerates with modern acrobatics, forming the word "INSPIRE" before fading away. The book reappears as the main character emerges, holding a radiant ball of light symbolising ideas and inspiration for our future. With an uplifting soundtrack, Evolve celebrates our past, growth, and optimistic future, leaving the audience exhilarated and inspired. The show's versatile content suits various themes, industries, and events, making it ideal for product launches and more.
  • UK CELEBRATION United Kingdom unfolds with a central character spinning a world globe, landing on the UK. Zooming in, she's immersed in the picturesque land. Performers create iconic UK landmarks like Tower Bridge, Stonehenge, and more. A character introduces an interactive touchscreen, showcasing British industry innovation in Manufacturing, Auto, Aerospace, Finance, Green Energy, Technology, Communication, and Fashion. Figures unite, forming 'United,' embodying the British people. The screen retreats as performers showcase acrobatics, high lifts, and dance. The finale features a group-pyramid, concluding with a bow against your logo backdrop. This highly entertaining show includes humorous nods to the Loch Ness Monster, tea, and queuing, promising to be the highlight of your event. Guests will be thoroughly entertained and impressed.


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A one of a kind experience that can be tailored to you and your event.


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